SAP BIRM Training Course Details

Introduction to SAP BRIM

SAP BRIM, also known as SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management ( BRIM ) , is basically a high-volume usage based solution that is mainly designed to ease the complex billing an invoicing process. Generally, it is used in industries like energy, telecom, utilities etc. but its usage in other similar areas is also increasing rapidly.

SAP BRIM Components

The solution comprises four core components:

  • SAP BRIM, subscription order management ( SOM )
  • SAP Convergent Charging ( CC )
  • SAP Convergent Invoicing ( CI )
  • Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable

BRIM is a basically an end-to-end cross industry solution that is a combination of SAP Sales Order and Management, SAP Convergent Charging, SAP Convergent Invoicing and SAP Customer Financial Management.

BRIM, with further innovations, has been transformed and given a new name as ‘Hybris Billing’. SAP Hybris Billing speed up the billing process while increasing the transparency across the complete revenue management process that includes customer engagement and revenue recognition.

SAP BRIM / Billing helps in Finding, Reaching and Targeting Right Audience :

A customer purchases a high-end smart phone online with his account. Few days later, when the customer logs in to his account on the internet, he/she sees an advertisement offering some discount on the compatible accessory of the recent high-end phone that he/she purchased from the same account.

SAP Hybris billing eases and automates the entire billing and ordering processes from the cloud, combining various billing streams to produce a bill of single invoice.

Benefits of an SAP BRIM implementation

Digitalisation enables new personalized products and services that must be pushed to market quickly With the BRIM solution, customer requirements can be implemented better and faster, processing times can be reduced and costs can be saved. High data volumes can be processed with high performance efficiently.

 Below tools are combined with SAP BRIM in one system,

SAP BRIM consists of several components that can be used individually according to requirements:

  • Customer and Contract Management (Subscription Order Management) in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM)
  • Pricing in SAP Convergent Charging (SAP CC)
  • Billing and creation of invoices in SAP Convergent Invoicing (SAP CI)
  • Management of Open Items in Subledger Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (SAP FI-CA)

With SAP BRIM service providers can bring innovative pricing offers to market faster than the competition with an intuitive user interface that requires zero coding.
The solution supports prepaid, postpaid and hybrid models to monitor customer accounts in real-time and improve customer sentiment by giving subscribers control over their spending. Pricing for complex B2C scenarios such as family plans is support out-of-the-box as are B2B scenarios like credit pooling and sophisticated tiered models. Calculation of partner revenue share can be configured right along with customer pricing.
Marketing and sales are empowered to craft pricing models that reward loyalty, offer partners flexible terms, and ensure accurate settlement.
Finally, operations can consolidate pricing for multiple services and multiple lines of business on a single, high-performance platform that dynamically scales to extreme transaction volumes with 99.999% high availability.

Pricing and Charging Model Design in SAP BRIM is done with Decision Trees (simplified example graphic on slide). Decision Trees allow for truly flexible expression of configurable pricing and charging logic. They are Easy to Learn and Easy to Use.

In the SAP BRIM solution pricing and charging logic is built up by assembling Decision Trees containing simple components.
These components are like simple building blocks that you can put together in many different ways. There are no constraints to the depth of the tree or the way in which you choose to sequence the different decision building blocks. In this way you can create exactly what you need, without requiring custom coding or change requests from SAP.
Multi-sided Revenue Models: the solution allows for both customer pricing and partner settlement to be managed and calculated in the same engine, using the exact same approach to pricing configuration. Competitive products either do not handle partner-centric pricing at all or handle it with a disjointed, separate solution requiring different configuration expertise and with the risk that customer pricing and partner settlement cannot be properly maintained in sync.
Charging Flexibility: the charging model design offers true charging convergence and can manage prepaid, postpaid and hybrid charging models. The determination of the account/ wallet or allowance to be charged is made using flexible Decision Tree logic and can change charging event-by-event based on transaction characteristics. Competitive solutions tend to have a much more static and inflexible method of assigning charges to customer or partner balances.

SAP BRIM Online Training Course Curriculum :

Master Data & Order Management in SAP CRM
 Subscription order management within SAP Hybris Billing
 Hybris Billing, subscription order management within SAP Hybris Billing – SAP BRIM Online Training
 Master Data: Business Partner & Business Agreement
 Provider Order, Provider Contracts & Order Distribution
 High level Product Setup & Configuration – SAP BRIM Online Training
 Integration into SAP Hybris Billing Charging
 Integration into Convergent Invoicing

 Introducing SAP Convergent Charging
 Core Tool – SAP BRIM Online Training
o Describing the SAP Convergent Charging Core Tool
 Service Provider Master Data
o Describing Rating Logic Concepts
o Describing Charging Logic Concepts
o Describing Allowances
 Customer Master Data – SAP BRIM Online Training
o Describing Customer Master Data
 Advanced Exercises
o Completing the Advanced Exercises
 Architecture and Integration
o Describing the SAP Convergent Charging Architecture
 Web Services and Java APIs – SAP BRIM Online Training
o Describing Web Services and Java APIs
 Charging Inputs and Outputs
o Describing Charging Inputs
o Describing Charging Outputs
 Cross Industry Examples – SAP BRIM Online Training
o Describing Cross Industry Examples
 Optional Topics
o Describing the Refill Concepts
o Describing Batch Acquisition and Rating Toolset (BART)
o Describing the Import Export Connector (IEC)
o Describing Session Based Charging
o Using Convergent Charging as an Online Charging System (OCS) – SAP BRIM Online Training
o Installing SAP Convergent Charging
o Describing Performance Tuning
o Describing System Monitoring
 Links and Resources – SAP BRIM Online Training
o Listing the Links and Resources for SAP Convergent Charging 5.0

 Introduction to Billing for High Volume Industries
o Introduction to Billing for High Volume Industries
o Architecture of SAP Convergent Invoicing
 Master Data/FI-CA Basics
o Business Partner Concept for Convergent Invoicing
o Contract Accounts for Convergent Invoicing
o Posting Open Items in FI-CA and FI-GL Integration
 Billable Items Management – SAP BRIM Online Training
o Billable Item Management Overview
o Performing Billable Item Management
o Creating and Monitoring Billable Items
 Billing Process – SAP BRIM Online Training
o Concepts of Billing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
o Billing Process Execution
 Invoicing Process
o Invoicing Overview and Execution
o Invoicing Process Configuration
o Invoicing Reversal and Billing Reversal
 Invoice Functions – SAP BRIM Online Training
o Invoicing Functions
 Account Display